Instructor- Scott Saunders                                                                                                           Instructional Facilitator- Michelle Epperson

Culinary Arts 1   


 News & Events‚Äč

Our New Freshmen Culinary Students arrived this past week and looks like 2019-2020 Culinary Class will be Awesome!!!

Great Job on Catered Event on Friday March 15th for the Middletown Senior Center. A special  thanks to the 12th Grade Culinary Students assisting our Skills for Life Students on this event

Our next Restaurant Opening will be on Wednesday March 20th, 2019. Click Here for the Menu Selections

Will will also be providing catering Services for Pick Up this week

Wednesday for 60 Guests. ClickHere for the Menu

Friday for 200 Guests. ClickHereFor the Menu

The Board Dinner Monday March 25th 

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The Culinary Arts Program will create an awareness of opportunities within the vast area of the Food Service Industry. All graduates of the program will have a strong foundation in the basics of food preparation, safety and restaurant operating procedures which will enable graduates to secure food service careers adhering to industry standards.

       As a result of the education process in the Culinary Arts 1 program,              
students will:

  • Demonstrate safe work habits with small tools, small equipment and stationary food service equipment

  • Practice personal hygiene and food safety

  • Basic cooking methods in Breakfast Cookery

  • Identify the Standards, Regulations and Laws associated with the food service industry

  • To develop basic knife skills and measuring skills

  • Food Identification

  • Basic cooking methods in the area of stocks and sauces and soups

  • Basic cooking methods in the area of Pasta and Grains

  • Team Building

  • Restaurant Service

The Food for Thought Club Spring Session has begun. With an assortment of 9th, 10th,11th and 12th grade students we are preparing for and additional 320 meals for a total of 640 for this year!!!!

A nice rotation for our 10th Grade Students;

A Luncheon for the Pennsbury Skills for Life Student

Preparation of Stocks and Fresh Pasta were on the menu!!!