Instructor- Scott Saunders                                                                                                           Instructional Facilitator- Michelle Epperson

Culinary Arts 1   


The text book the students will use in their three years in Culinary Arts Is  


  "  Culinary Essentials" 

All Students will be supplied a copy of the Text Book for use during the school year. It is the Students responsibility to take care of the book!!!.

Students, whose books are lost or returned in unusable condition are responsible for the purchase of a new text book prior to the end of the school year.
Culinary Essentials may be accessed on Line  

2.  Choose State- PA
3.  User- Student
4.  Press Enter
5.  Choose Food and Nutrition 
6.  Choose Culinary Essentials 10
7.  Select Student Center
8.   Click on (Left Side) On Line Student Edition

You may access the text book on line as well as the many additional resources that are associated with
this book.

Culinary Essentials


Johnson & Wales University