Instructor- Scott Saunders                                                                                                           Instructional Facilitator- Michelle Epperson

Culinary Arts 1   


BCTHS On-line Ordering Instructions : To access the ordering websites go to

                                                                For Knife Purchase


                Go to web site main page

                Click on Student Supplies

                Click on Bucks County Technical High School Logo​

                This will direct you to the knife kit you need to purchase

                                                               For the Chef Uniform


Step One:  Select New Customer on the log in page to begin

Step Two:  Registering

                Company Property Code: BCT01
                Enter your first and last name
                Enter your email address
                Enter Phone Number

                Type in your personalized password to be used each time you log into the site.  Please note you

                 create this and Chef Works does not keep a record of passwords.  Please ensure this is a unique  

                 password as passwords cannot be duplicated. 

                Confirm your selected password
                Click  Register

Step Three:
                  Selecting Register will return you to the login screen.
                  Enter BCT01 & Personalized Password Click Login

Step Four:  Main Billing and Shipping Screen

                  Type in shipping information  
                  Verify Name and email address
                  Click Start to begin your order

Step Five:  Selection of Category
                    Select from one of the 3 student categories; Culinary/ Baking/ Life Skills
                    ( For Culinary Students Select Culinary)

Step Six: Selection of Items

                    There are photos of each item needed. Select each item one at a time. The quantities will fill in

                    Enter  and size select add to cart
                    Use the back button to continue shopping until all items are selected.  

                    Please note that :
                    First and Last Name are required for the embroidery on the chef coats. 
                    First Name Only is required for the Polo Shirts.​

Step Seven: Confirm and Submit Order      

                    Review Shopping Cart and select Checkout  and Select Desired Shipping Method

                    Add any special notes or instructions to the Order Notes section

                    To add additional items select from the category field

Step #8:Payment:

                     Enter credit card information Once order is confirmed,

                     Select Place Order to submit.  

Please note once the order is submitted NO changes can be made.  

Orders are processed automatically.


Uniform Ordering Instructions