Instructor- Scott Saunders                                                                                                            Instructional Facilitator- Michelle Epperson

Bucks County Technical High School

Culinary Arts 1   


 News & Events​

Welcome to all of the In-Coming Sophomore Culinary Students.

On Wednesday August 28th you will be reporting to Shop on that day after Gym Glass.

Please come in Full Uniform.

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The Culinary Arts Program will create an awareness of opportunities within the vast area of the Food Service Industry. All graduates of the program will have a strong foundation in the basics of food preparation, safety and restaurant operating procedures which will enable graduates to secure food service careers adhering to industry standards.

       As a result of the education process in the Culinary Arts 1 program,              
students will:

  • Demonstrate safe work habits with small tools, small equipment and stationary food service equipment

  • Practice personal hygiene and food safety

  • Basic cooking methods in Breakfast Cookery

  • Identify the Standards, Regulations and Laws associated with the food service industry

  • To develop basic knife skills and measuring skills

  • Food Identification

  • Basic cooking methods in the area of stocks and sauces and soups

  • Basic cooking methods in the area of Pasta and Grains

  • Team Building

  • Restaurant Service

​The Incoming 10th Grade Class​​

Our In-Coming 10th Grade Class as they display their Omelet making Skills in preparation for an upcoming event