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To The Students:

With the ongoing closure of school for the near future we will be utilizing the Google Classroom App we have been using this year. 

The chapters we will be covering are

non-cooking chapters

The assignments will begin to appear today and through the remainder of the week.

When we are given the word from School Administrators to start On-Line Learning we will begin this process

​There will be 2 Sections  per Chapter


Reading: Chapter Summary: Chapter Text :Power Point

                    Handout Materials Related to Chapter


Written Assignments: Written assignments associated                                                       with the Appropriate Chapter

Chapter Test: Chapter Test 

Culinary Math:There will be 2 Culinary Based Math                                              papers due for each rotation.


Out Catering and the Restaurant Openings

At this point in time we are uncertain if we will be able to fulfill out scheduled out catering or restaurant openings. This will be determined as things progress.

When we return to School for the remainder of the year we will cover

Rice/ Grain Cookery

Risotto/ Pilaf's

Soup Preparation

Cream - Broth

Making Fresh Pasta


Final Projects Will Take Place:

Please utilize this time to pick your recipe for your final project.

Once Selected Email them to me for Approval


Culinary Arts  Club

"Food For Thought"

This Club gathers on Tuesday's and Thursday's to cook and send out 40 meals a week to in-bound Seniors in the area.

Over the past 3 years the Students have prepared and sent out over 18oo meals.

This year we would like to reach our goal total of

2500 meals.

An Awesome Accomplishment


A Random Act of Kindness

Fantastic Students !!!!!!

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The Culinary Arts Program will create an awareness of opportunities within the vast area of the Food Service Industry. All graduates of the program will have a strong foundation in the basics of food preparation, safety and restaurant operating procedures which will enable graduates to secure food service careers adhering to industry standards.

       As a result of the education process in the Culinary Arts 1 program,              
students will:

  • Demonstrate safe work habits with small tools, small equipment and stationary food service equipment

  • Practice personal hygiene and food safety

  • Basic cooking methods in Breakfast Cookery

  • Identify the Standards, Regulations and Laws associated with the food service industry

  • To develop basic knife skills and measuring skills

  • Food Identification

  • Basic cooking methods in the area of stocks and sauces and soups

  • Basic cooking methods in the area of Pasta and Grains

  • Team Building

  • Restaurant Service

The Food For Thought Club has begun our  Spring session

A Busy Few Rotations; Completion of the Student of the Month Breakfast as well as a Restaurant Opening which seen our Students do live Station Cooking for 140 guests!!!!

They did a fantastic job!!!


Bucks County Technical High School

Culinary Arts 1   


         Instructor- Scott Saunders                                                                                                            Instructional Facilitator- Michelle Epperson